Saturday, October 17, 2009

Naughty Shopping - Beverly Center

Ok, so I've been reeaaaally naughty. I went shopping again, this time at the Beverly Center in LA.

The only reason I went back was because of a store called Image. The First time I went to the mall, I sort of hated it, because umm well it is BIG, like OMG I'm gonna get lost and kidnapped big. However, I kept thinking about this store, so I decided to give it a 2nd try, Ambar style [this means going shopping first thing in the morning].

I went, I saw, I bought. This are my amazing finds of this amazing store, aaaaannddd I got you guys the website just in case you wanna check it out. [PS: their prices are unbelievable]. Image store website:

Sorry for the super crappy pics [I suck at this, plus the light DOES NOT help].
I already wore this dress, too bad I didn't take pics, BOO me! 
It looked amazing, I will definitely be wearing it again soon.
It was $41.99 and it included a pretty pink floral belt.

I fell in love with the fringe detail of this lovely top, and
of course with its bigness.
You can wear the fringe in the front or in the back,
although it is supposed to be for the back.
$33.99 and I already wore it, pics coming soon.

 Ahhh the love of my life, I mean my new awesome,
metallic, leopard print leggings.
$19.99 and I also have pics of these beauties coming soon.

Next stop was Wet Seal, because well, I needed something to go with those babies, I mean leggings. And that, I found...

Again, super crappy pictures, sorry.
$20.50, pics coming soon.

I'm set right? NO! I needed accessories, DUH! And OMG what's that store I see over there? Is that paradise, no wait. It's For Love 21. Yeap, their store that is completely dedicated to accessories... heaven!

OMG studded belts. I die.

The necklace was $6.80, the red belt, $8.80, the black one $6.80
the earrings were $4.80, the pearl bobby pins $2.80
and the red one with the flower $1.80.

And last, but not least H&M. I mean I had to go in, obviously.... and what did I find? Huge tops and more studded belts!!!

This babies were clearly waiting for me. I fell in  love with
that top. I mean, anybody who knows me, knows that I 
can't resist a small pocket. And yes, I had just bought two
studded belts, but hello!! This one is ah-ma-zing!
Top on sale for $20.00 and belt for $24.95.


  1. Leopard leggings!!! These are freakin' fabulous - what a great find!

    Post outfit pics when you wear them out, would love to see them ;-)

  2. OMG! I am sooo JEALOUS!!! Those leggings are solely GLAM FABULOUS they're to die for!!!:))
    kisses and hugs,

  3. I fourth the leggings.. Those are amazing!
    I wish I was cool enough to pull off all those things. But I'm not. haha.

  4. I especially love the fringe shirt and leggings. Amazing!

    Also, I have a blog award for you on my page!

  5. Ooh great shopping spree! I love that fringed top.

  6. What a haul! Very cool accessories, love all the studs and so cheap!

    Btw thanks for visiting my blog :)


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