Thursday, October 8, 2009

At The Fleas - Part II: The Finds

First of all, PLEASE don't kill me for taking FOR-friking-EVER writing this sequel post. I know I promised you here, on the first one (At The Fleas - Part I: The Adventure), that this was "coming soon". Well, umm good luck with that.

Soooo, since it's been almost a month, you've seen me wear some of my amazing, thrifted finds already, but nonetheless, here are the pictures. Also, let's remember that I had just $60 for the whole thing, you know, entrance tickets, food, etc. Aaaand what I was looking for to buy was blazers, belts, and baubles [jewelry, etc]. This was referred to as the Triple B. How amazing am I??

These were the first two items that I bought. They were $7 each. I was obviously attracted to their largeness, and of course the huge pocket of the striped shirt. The London shirt is from Urban Outfitters and I got it for just seven bucks!!! Ahh blissness. I wore that one already, details here.

I am such a liar! I just remembered that the first items I bought were two pairs of earrings! Aghh I'm crazy. So, I took some pics a while ago and they suck! [reason why this post took 4ev]. But I will show them to you. I have a new-found respect for jewelry photographers, the suckers are impossible!!!

I really don't recommend enlarging these.

These beauties were $2 each. YAY! Those gold/pearly ones are to die for! They look so glamorous. I really want to wear them. [Aheem, somebody invite me somewhere nice, ok bye]. That was pretty much it, until I saw a belt tent. A huge one at that, too. Here are the five belts I bought, ALL of them for $10 [so, $2 each avg].


I love each and every single one of these belts. I wore the coral one here and cannot wait to wear all of them! Moving on, I believe that the next thing we bought were our amazing Mexican, margarita cups. Which we've graced with some tequila sunrise amazingness inside.

You probably can't see, but they have a Mexican 
dude resting against a cactus.
[I was thoroughly cleaning them
in boiling water and Clorox].

[Note that I have on the striped shirt, LOL]

The honey and I split the cost of the cups, I believe they were $10 or maybe it was $12. Whatevs. In this same "shop" we fell in love with a pin. But we thought it was a bit overpriced and left. Then we couldn't stop talking/thinking about it, so we returned and hustled the eff asked politely for a bargain. We got it! Here it is. I feel like it is something historical, and I can't wait to show it to my kids. Wait, I don't have any of those...

This was also quite hard to photograph.

The pin, I think went from $20 to like $14. After that I got my long necklaces, that I couldn't properly photograph for the love of me. But you've seen them, so I will gladly direct you there. Also, I bought my red headband, which you've also seen. I wore them this time along with the headband [seen below] and I wore one of them this other time. They are made out of leather and chain, and were $4 each.

Look what I did with some of my finds.

I put the earrings in the bottom. JA!

Anywhozers, last but not least, the cents. Why the reverence? You'll see. When we first went in, we saw a huge tent that sold coins. Tons and tons of collectible coins. My dad's a huge fan, and his b-day was coming up, so I made a mental note [thank GOD] of coming back and check them out properly. At the very end of our adventure, we went back. I saw the coins I wanted to get my dad, I asked for them, the sales guy handed them to me, and just as this happened, I SPOTTED ONE OF MY FAVORITE CELEBRITIES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD standing there a mere two feet away, also looking at the coins. I died. Came back to life, took pictures, and will tell you all about it on another post....

The infamous coins.
[Three for $1]


  1. Yeah, girl, you took tooooo long!
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