Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Own Lookbooks plus an Award

I've been reaaally wanting to create my own lookbooks for a while now, and I might start some sort of project with that. But in the meantime...

[click to enlarge]

Those are most of the pieces I bought at the Beverly Center, and some possible combinations. I really, really enjoyed making these, so probably I will start with that project.. YAY!

Now to the award... the extremely, amazing, I seriously love her Aubrey from Made You Blush gave me the Over the Top award.

The rules of this award state that you must list 5 things that you're obsessed with and pass it along to 5 fabulous blogs.

5 things that I'm obsessed with:

- Shoes
- Pumpkin Spice Latte
- Blogging, reading blogs, etc..
- Did I mention shoes? Ok, well then, studs!
- Oversized clothes

5 fabulous blogs that I pass this to (in no particular order):

Thanks again honey, and have a great weekend guys!!! I send tons of kisses your way... XOXOXO


  1. congrats on your award and I can't wait for this look book project!

    xo Anastasia B.

  2. I love those looks, I wish I had any sort of fashion sense! I usually just stick to jeans and a t shirt. But I do love dresses.

  3. i am loving the belt look! i have been trying it quite often myself=)

  4. beautiful, and congrats for the award too

  5. I'm obsessed with all your obsessions, and YOU.

    Congrats on your award lover! XO

  6. Eeks pumpkin spice lattes are to die for! But the Starbucks in my country doesn't serve it, it's SO sad! I miss Boston, someone ship me back to the other side of the world, haha.

  7. can u create me a look, i really need a new one!!!!! come on woman!!!!

  8. OMG! Ambar your pieces are solely FAB! Congratulations on your AWARD too! It's sooo funny I just had a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte and wish I had another one!!!:))
    p.s. Hope your weekend was FABULOUS!

  9. Thanks for the award lovely, I really appreciate it! I will certainly get around to passing it around, but I might be a little slow! :P Cute new finds - you must have done a little bit of shopping, huh? Awww....I want to shop! Hope you enjoyed your wkend, xoxo!

  10. awww congrats on your award. =)Just dropped in on your blog and so far I'm loving it. Will definitely be back to check out more of your posts. You should make your own lookbook. that would be fun. Or maybe you can try opening an account with It's similar to look book and lots of fun as well. =)

  11. Love the look book and of course I heart you! That gold studded belt with the blue dress is FABULUSH!

    Congrats on the award darling ;-)!!

  12. i did something like this too! i used my best friend to model some clothes i think would look good on her. ;) playing stylist is my favorite hobby! i hope to be a professional some day! thanks for saying hi on my blog!

    click here to visit me at mode junkie!

  13. COngrats on your award! Loves the studded belt!!!!

  14. Yay, congrats on the award! You deserve it :) Your blog is over the top!!

  15. hey thanks for awarding this to me!
    i don't like writing the award thingos on my log so i'll do it here!

    i'm obsessed with...

    1. my new awesome wedge shoes!

    2. blogging!

    3. fashion!

    4. picnics ion the city

    and 5. the internet! haha i'm addicted :)

    thanks! ;)


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