Friday, October 2, 2009

In Heaven...

I went to heaven, and no I didn't die. I, umm, just got there by accident. Last Sunday, the honey came up with the idea [the perks of living with geeks smart people] of driving to Palos Verdes.

Me: umm what's in there??
The Honey: nothing, I just want to go there 'cause I keep hearing people say it's nice
Me: wokey dokey [I'm quite an awesome girlfriend]

Let's just say first that our plans where to drive there, and see what it was all about, and then I had plans of going to the mall to get my shop on. Which I actually happened today, but obviously that's like a totes dif. post. I'm just saying 'cause that's the reason I'm wearing heels. Ok? No, more talking, then.

[Ok, so this is when we first noticed the CLOUDS 
my pics totally suck, and they were taken 
from inside the car, but it's all the white stuff]

[Water, YAY]

[The view was just breathtaking]

After this, we thought it couldn't get any better and IT DID! So check back for the rest of the pictures. It was an amazing day and the weather was perfect, the company was perfect, the honey was perfect... oh perfectionness!

PS: You already saw all about W.A.I.W. here.And if not, well go check it out. Also, if you haven't voted on my poll, PLEASE do, you still have like two weeks to vote. KISSES! XO


  1. I NEED YOUR "blogging" top!! Where to get it? :D

  2. Oh what a beautiful place! Hehe your bf loves Smokey...I will know where to look for her haha! I have more cute photos I will keep posting.

    Have a great Friday!

  3. I read somewhere - " Heaven isn't the place you go to when you die, but its the moment in life that you feel the most alive"

    I guess it would hold true for this post.

  4. oh that place looks gorgeous! and i bet it's only a short ways away. don't you love that? and of course, you look fab.

  5. It's beautiful, I def gotta see it myself sometime

  6. that place is so beautiful and i love ur top! hahah it's fabulous!

    xo Anastasia B.

  7. It looks beautiful there!!! Have a great weekend! :)

  8. You look gorgeous! I love the blogging tank! LOL I would never take that off, I swear...

    Happy weekend darling! XO

  9. i said it in the last post and i'll say it again, i LOVE your top ^^

  10. WOW! TALK about GORGEOUS, this is solely GORGEOUS and I must say sooo are YOU in these breathtaking photos!!!:)

  11. @Nashe^ F21 online ;)

    @Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY, thanks and OMG it's a girl!!! I didn't know. I will so NOT tell him this, jajajaa kiss Koda for me [see, I'm in love] take care sweetie :)

    @Noble Beeyotch, WOW! that is an amazing quote, I love it [writing it down now] THANKS!

    @bananas. thanks!!! and YES it it less than 30 mins away, and I NEVER knew!!! tsk tsk tsk

    @Sarah, definitely a MUST

    @Anastasia B, thanks girlyy

    @Iva, thank you so much honey

    @Elizabeth Marie, LOOL. I bet, it's hard not to. and thanks!!! kisses ur way XO

    @Manju, thaaankssss =D

    @Gerri, thanks girl!! you're amazing. The place was defz fabulous!!! <3

    Kisses ya'll XO


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