Monday, October 5, 2009

In Heaven... [Part Deux]

Remember when I went to heaven and died. no wait, I didn't I was just reaaally there. After that we kept driving, and all of the sudden, we're at this landmark or something, that to be completely honest I had NO idea it existed [sorry]. But it was there, and it was impressive. I'm not even making sense, so picture time!

[I was getting ready to say goodbye to paradise, and then...]

[Wanna shoot some hoops?]

[Here it is, the Korean Friendship Bell]

[look at the details]

[should I say more?]

[the super huns]

[me, in a VERY awkward position, but I.was.freezing.]

This place is actually in San Pedro, but it's still very close to home, like 25-35 mins. Also, you can click here to learn a lot more about the Korean Friendship Bell. It was pseudo impossible to get the whole thing on a single shot without falling down the hill, so you could also google pictures of the place, it is a definite must see if you're in the SoCal area.

All the deets of W.A.I.W. are here.

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