Thursday, January 14, 2010

Also... A Few New Things Around Here

Now that I am not working like a slave have some time on my hands, I've gone back to the good 'ol days of being obsessed committed to blogging. Don't get me wrong, this is what I love 'yo. So because I've been "working" here again. I've added a few things, removed some others, and I'm here to let you know all about it.

First things first, I finally deciphered how to use feedburner, WHEW! It feels good. So basically now you can subscribe to my blog via e-mail. YAY!

Where the red arrows are, just in case you missed them.

Thanks to those of you, who answered to my demented tweets while I was learning/figuring it out. Besides that, I finally got to post my blog button. Feel free to grab it, I know some of you already have [and you are awesome]. What I want to do is look around for everyone's buttons and add them to a different page, sort of like a tab [that I will create] for buttons. But meanwhile I will have them up here in the main page. So hit me up if you wanna exchange botones buttons.

Thanks girl for showing me how to do it :)

And another great milestone that I achieved today [I'm a bit on the dramatic side, huh?] was creating my own favicon. What's that? Well it's the little heart you now see besides the name of the blog on your browser.

LOL. No need to see my tabs.

Seriously, I felt so accomplished. I've been wanting one ever since I saw it on her blog and learned that bloggers could have that too. I found out what it was called and how to do it and is as easy as 1-2-3. Literally. The only sad thing is that I found out a bunch of "web designers and blog designers" charging even $10 for doing this!!! Com'on people, let's help each other out, isn't it easier to just put the instructions on your blog? Sigh...

Other minor changes and tweaks I did was remove my Polyvore badge. And of course now this lady here's making me wanna go back to being majorly hooked there. We'll see. I  am running out of synonyms for also, joined a community called Blogs by Latinas, it's a directory of blogs, by female Latin writers. AWESOMENESS. I added the button to my blog as well, and not to be redundant, but I also created it. I strongly recommend browsing through there, and if you fit the profile, join!

And now, to what really matters the most....YOU GUYS! I updated my blog roll. Now, if for some reason, I erased someone, and you'd like to be added back. LET ME KNOW. If you are not there, but you'd like to be, LET ME KNOW. If you are on the list, but you wished to be removed, LET ME KNOW [hey! you never know].

Be sure to scroll down that list, there's a lot of new people. Even some IRL friends of mine have opened up their own blogs. So look, look, look. Have fun.

I think that's it for now, loveys.


Also.... jajaja just kidding!


  1. I am going to grab your button! Grab mine :) Happy friday!!

  2. Nice work with feedburner. It looks useful.

  3. i already snagged your button :)

    i totally need that little flavicon thingy- google here i come!

    also, i didn't comment on your last wiw post- love the whole outfit- but i die for those shoes.
    also, this may sound crazy, but i got the coolest huge flower ring from pier 1 imports (i know! weird!) for $4!

  4. Hi love I grabbed your button and it is safely on my blog! :) Glad you are so saavy, I might have to have you help me with creating a button for my blog. Happy Friday. Oh and I tried to text you but I think I did something funky with your number so I will try again later. ;)

  5. omg i miss your blog! i feel like i haven't been on here forever. hi=)

  6. Yay, I'm glad you got your button, cupcake!
    Although you *have* to show me how to get a favicon, that looks amazing.

    Awesome awesome!

  7. wow you did make a lot of changes! nice :)..

  8. great work ambar..
    nice to see this blog... :)


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