Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What am I wearing?

WOW!! I bought this dress ages ago, and I wore it at least 3 different times before finally taking pictures with it on. Again, another outfit for work. On the pictures I'm wearing both heels and flat boots. Regardless, that dress was a great buy. I got compliments, crazies asking me where I got it, what size it is [can you believe that??] it's medium btw.

I paired it with my H n' M belt that I absolutely adore (I bought it on the same shopping trip), my MK watch that the honey got me, and all my studded bangles, which also looked great with the boots, because they have studs. Also, that brown and navy combination is perfect!!! I can't wait to mix more outfits like that.

PS: I think my hair was really dirty this day. EEW.

PPS: I put up a new poll over on the top of the right sidebar, please vote :)

PPPS: Thanks to all of you who voted on the last one.

Kisses, XOXO


  1. Beautiful dress, and I like how it looks with the second pair of shoes much more!

  2. holy cuteness!! haha and u cant tell ur hair is dirty lol

  3. ohhh!! so cute!! i'm totally into navy right now...i'm loving it!

  4. You look so pretty, I love your gold belt! :)


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