Friday, January 8, 2010

Jenny G Stop Staring Trunk Show

Again, just like ALL my other "recent" posts, this event was ages ago. Ok, maybe at the beginning of November, or something.

This is one of my favorite stores, in my favorite place ever, Belmont Shore [aka 2nd st.]. They had a trunk show, and they invited me [gave me a flyer] when I stopped by to lookie look at the store. I went in to see if I could find something for my mom, but they didn't have it, still I got the amazing flyer [talk about irony huh?] and harassed asked the honey to accompany me, and he did.

I felt sort of weird at first because we didn't know anybody, and also cause it was a fashiony thing, and the poor honey was just there kinda doing nothing. LOL. But they had amazing food, drinks, and they treated us like long time friends. The event was a full success. I loved it, I actually bought my NYE dress that day. Yes, I've had it for THAT long. And I got all those goodies you see up there FOR FREE. Well, they were free after I payed for the dress, but still. I had never gotten so many goodies at once, swear.

Also, the team of girls working there is just amazing. They were the first ones to send me a bday card, with a discount to use in the month of December and everything. Sigh... LOVE.

PS: This is what I wore that day, with the heels, and without that cream, short sleeve cardi thing. Aaaaand different accessories.

PPS: This is their website, and their twitter, check them out, I'm telling you, they're ah-ma-ZING!

Kisses XO


  1. I want that bag! Looks so cute. :D

  2. i am so jealous! we have no fab stores where i live that do anything fun like that!!
    you look fab, as always!

  3. How fun! I wish I got invited to these kind of events. Free food and drinks? Can't go wrong!

  4. I'm jealous! Looks like you're having so much fun!!

  5. Oooh looks awesome! And who doesn't love swag.

  6. I'm all about swag!! LOL

    and I'm with bananas, free drinks and food and I'm therrrre.

    Kisses loveys

  7. That looks like a blast! How did you find out about it? You look beautiful by the way, can't wait to get together soon - maybe sometime next week? Have a great week lady!


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