Monday, January 25, 2010

My Birthday Part II

This is the second part to this story.

On the actual day of my birthday I woke up to this:

Yes I know they're just balloons, but like I said, the honey's not that type of guy. So this was the perfect beginning to the perfect day. PS: today, January 25th the balloons are still on that door. Talk about damn quality balloons!! LOL Ok, ok back to my bday. The honey had surprised me [he tends to do that] with reservations to a restaurant that we had passes a few times in downtown and that he knew I was dying to try.

He e-mailed me the reservation confirmation that they had sent him. This was on December 23rd during the day, which meant... 1) I started screaming at work... 2) I needed an outfit. Thankfully I didn't close (the store) that day because it would have meant no shopping for me. So being that I hate don't like shopping when it's crowded, and this was the day before Christmas Eve, I was a bit stressed. I ran down to the forever loyal, Forever 21, looked around, grabbed a dress, tried it on and $23 later I had my bday outfit.

I spent the day pampering myself, and by that I mean I went to get a pedi. LOL I needed it...badly! My feet hurt like crazy from the long hours at work, plus I was going to wear open toe shoes, which I hadn't done in forev, so I went there. I basically didn't do much for the rest of the day, not that I remember at least. I remember receiving one amazing gift, but I'll share those deets on another post.

Duck face for you.

I really didn't go all out with my outtie. I barely had any makeup on and my hair was just wet from the shower. I used some accessories that I had from a previous occasion [a formal ball] and my shoes were actually a birthday gift from when I turned 20. I love those shoes!!!!! Just wish they were a bit more comfy.

Here we are at the restaurant, the food was ah-ma-ZING!!!! The service, well not so much. We still had the best time EVER, I seriously love this guy, my birthday was AMAZING!! [Ok, for the people that don't know me or are new around here, I'm a big grumpy grinch, so he reached a milestone right there]. After returning home, I can't remember if we watched a movie or not, but rumor has it that I fell asleep singing this song...

So there you have it, my amazing,, did.I.say.amazing birthday. Look for the next post on what happened on Christmas day...

PS: Thanks to all of you guys for the bday wishes that I got, a million thanks!


  1. Awww your dress is gorgeous!! It looks like you had a wonderful night! Happy belated Birthday!

  2. Fuck.
    I missed your birthday.
    I promise to not miss the next one.
    Don't stop blogging so that I can't miss the next one.

    Awesome dress, by the way.

    Happy Birthday!

    Well, belated now, but know.

  3. aw that sounds like such a special day. Your honey is so sweet; you're very lucky to have found each other!

    xo anastasia b

  4. Happy b-lated birthday Ambar. Cute Dress. You've definitely got a keeper.

  5. You looked stunning! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and your boyfriend is a sweetheart!

  6. Happy belated birthday love and you look gorgeous and so glad the boy spoiled you and made you feel extra special, xo!

  7. Aaww what a sweet bf and you look amazing!

  8. Cheryl, I almost DIED laughing!!!!!!!! sooo umm yeaaaa.. THANKS

  9. Thanks a lot guys, I love your comments!!! XO


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