Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Need Help...

..your help!! I'm trying to find someone to custom design my blog. And I'm at zero, zip, nada.

Even though I love the current design, [God knows I do], it's not unique, and that drives me a little crazy, so please, PLEAAAASSSEEE let me know of any blog designers that you know, or maybe somebody you've worked with before. I do realize that I need to pay for this, but the few sites I found that I liked are booked until like mid May.. WTFH?!?!?!?! I sorta need it now. So just drop me a comment, e-mail, tweet, whatev, just HELP ME PLEASE.

Meanwhile, I'll be anxious like this...

Pictures from here and here.


  1. aww, I wish I could help you but like you know you ended up helping me. I want to also eventually customize mine lol when I can afford the extra cost. I hope you find someone that can halp you soon!! ;) oh and thank you so much for using my button! You totally rock, I love ya!!

  2. God knows I'm not good at these things. I got my template off some website and I saw the same design on a blog that was shown on TV (it's a Malay drama serial called "Blogger Boy, lol)

  3. I mostly work with WordPress, but I'd being will to lower the price to work with Blogger. You can check out what I've done at design.taraSG.com or see what I've made for my latest blog here.

    Tara SG

  4. hmmm........ i had one for u but i cant think of anything now :(
    but honestly. i went with plain cuz i got so frustrated bc i paid some girl like $60 to do my blog and she made it so plain and ugly i was like wtf did i give u $60 for?!!??! so yeah... thats my opinion... just make a cool header

  5. WOW!! Thanks Tara.. and Jen that SUCKSSSS!!! wthh???

    Nashe.. I did see yours somewhere.. I was like wtf, that's Nashe's background!!!

    Yes, hopefully I'll learn and help YOU out :)

  6. Ugh I know what you mean girl, I need blog help. Your blog looks great to me!
    I wanted to ask you a few tips too - will e-mail you!

  7. I'll get back to ya on this one...I know a few sites but have to figure out their web addresses. ;)


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