Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Award Love

Hey lovies!! I loved your comments on my last WAIW post. You always make my day when you leave a comment here. Trrrrrust me. Also, hi new followers/commenters. Welcome to the dark cool side.

So on to the actual post, I was given two awards recently. YAY!! I've still got it.. lol kidding. My super bloggity friend anastasia b. gave me this award, she's such a giver!!! I seriously love her, and would love to meet her [hi there, I just creeped you out] because we have tons of things in common, and we're both extremely hot Puerto Rican beauties [I'm also very humble]. LOL! Please go check out her blog whenever it is that you stop laughing.

The rules of this award is to reveal 7 confessions and pass it on to 7 bloggers.

My confessions:

1. I poop really fast.
2. I can still wear the dress I wore to my 8th grade graduation, and it still fits perfect.
3. I'm OCD about making lists. I make lists about making lists.
4. I have cellulite [spell check?] Hey, if Kim K. can be proud, so can I!
5. I say "I hate _____" many, many times a day and that HAS.TO.STOP. I'm a lover not a fighter.
6. I still feel butterflies when the honey kisses me.
7. I also have a obsession thing for binders and sheet covers. now that we know each other WAY better, I will pass this award [and you better check them out] to....

1. Cheryl from Confessions of a Twenty Something Year Old
2. Iva from Iva Messy
3. Penelope from Penelope's Oasis [she just had the cutest baby!!]
4. Sonja from For the Love of Stilettos
5. Spanky* from Spanky luvs it*
6. Carrie from Just a Girl
7. Annie from Chapters of our life

The second one was given to me by Sylvia at Photography by Me. I've just recently discovered her blog and I'm hooked. Please go check it out cause she is also a doll!

I pass this on to...

1. Missy at Miss Vintage Vixen
2. Kristin and Megan from Bon Bon Rose
3. Yessika from In Joy and Sorrow
4. Midtown Girl

Kisses XO

PS: Forgot to mention that I added a new poll, on the right side bar at the top. Pretty pretty please vote!!! 


  1. WOW!! Awesome awards Ambar! Congratulations! very well deserved for sure!!! thank you so so so very much for passing one on to me as well! I really appreciate it, it means so much! thank you thank you thank you, thank YOU!! ....umm and I have cellulite too ;) fun times. ha.

  2. YAY you gave me an award!! I love ya! and it's ok I creep out Anastasia all the time lol, in my comments pobresita! and you are both very beautiful, make me want to be puerto rican not mexican :( lol and OMG! you poop fast? well thanks for the info girl might explaing why you still fit into your 8th grade dress..ahaah! I love ya you are the funniest ever, you always make me laugh! and again thanks.

  3. Congrats on your awards!!! I make lists too, like crazy!!

  4. congrats lady!! and i LOVED your confessions! lol...i'm so with you on husband calls me the phantom pooper! wow. tmi.

  5. Girl you are funny :)-
    Your list has me laughing. From #1 down!!!

    Haha..i want to recreate that second award. Can you come be my other doll?!!! Lol

  6. Awwww of course Aubrey!!! that would actually rock my socks!!! You're always soo so SO cute!

    And Alicia, I'm STILL LAUGHING!!!! OH LORD. At least, I'm not alone in this fast poopers world.

  7. lmao you poop really fast!!! hahahahaha well I'm a 9 time champion speed pee-er! LMAO!! you;re too funny!

    Girl and we really do need to meet up one day! We aren't too far apart so it could happen!!! lol

    speed pooper hahaha

  8. Happy to say that I could've prolly figured out most everything on that lil list (before you made the confession) - except #1 (or is it #2- forget) i dang, girl!!!

  9. congrats to u and all of the winners :)


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