Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Images

..and a plea. Remember my 101 in 1001 goals? Well I do. And while I have tons of updates on those. Trust me, I've been working hard. I need your help for this one, goal #23 [learn how to cook soups] well and #100 [learn 10 new recipes] too. I might have learned one or two for my Thanksgiving dinner [unposted] but I need suggestions folks. What are your favorite recipes, do you have a favorite one? an easy one? a hard one? Just tell me about it. Leave a comment, e-mail me, tweet me, blog about it, but please let me know.

And now some recipe/food inspiration.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend. Kisses

Pictures from here and here.


  1. Mm... I love asparagus.. and orange chicken.. my mouth is watering! :)

  2. I'm not too good with cooking. =( But I do love baking. You can try to visit

    All those yummy pictures is making me prettyyyyy hungry. =)

  3. that post just made me hungry!

    i am not so good at cooking at all- but i am addicted to the things i do try, i get from there!

  4. JUST what I needed for fatsy sat night home alone

  5. I wish I could give you a recipe, but what I can give you is a new award on my blog!! hehe :]

    xo anastasia b

  6. oh lady, that food all looks SO good! too bad i'm allergic to all of luck on the cooking, if i think of a recipe i'll send it your way!

  7. well I have posted recipies in the past in my blog you are more than free to try one, and they are easy too :)

  8. Wow yum!

    Depends on what kind of recipes you are looking for - healthy or not healthy!

    One of my standbys is vietnamese style grilled chicken with a side of peanut sauce (semi healthy though not with the peanut sauce). Miso roast chicken is another favorite.
    On the healthier side, I like a simple grape tomato, avocado, and mango salad with a spritz of lime juice.

    I also have a great lemon lime tofu cheesecake recipe (really it is half tofu half cream cheese and surprisingly good) if you want that recipe!

  9. I have some recipes on my blog...what kind are you looking for? Do you like slow-cookers?

  10. OMG yumm! tag you're it! You have an award waiting for you on my blog!

  11. Thanks girls, for telling about new [for me] sites to check recipes at, and for the awards.. wooohoo!!!! :D

  12. Wow all that food looks amazing! I got the hubby the willaim and sonoma weeknight cookbook and we have been trying one or two recipes a week. has almost every recipe you can imgaine. Maybe I'll post some recipes I like for ya.

  13. Happy New Year gorgeous!!

    You should visit the food network's website - they have some fab recipes (especially from Barefoot Contessa!)


  14. You officially just made me a very hungry girl my love! Yummy yummy!

  15. oh gosh! I need some of these meals STAT! lol ;)

  16. I am seriously starving over here after seeing this blog. I heart food! I am new to your blog-and love it!

    Oh and I am doing a great giveaway over at my blog!! Check it out!

    Giving away and INSTYLER!!!

  17. thanks for the comment, and all the support over the past couple of months... I hope you will make it by before wednesday to read my post from my days as a gangster and vote for me...

    your blog is making me friggin hungry...

  18. Just to let you guys know, I bought a SUPER CUTE journal to write recipes in.. so throw 'em at me, that baby is empty.

  19. Well, I am working on my "domestic goddess" title still. One of our favorite super quick meals is the "Southwest Chicken Pile-Up" it is on the healthy side too.

    Just layer:
    Wheat Pita (lightly toast it first)
    Hummus (we like red pepper, but any flavor works)
    Cilantro (I'm sure fresh would be best, but we just buy those tubes because I don't use it often enough to buy a bunch of fresh stuff)
    Grilled chicken (my husband likes to play with seasoning, but it's good with just S&P)
    Black Beans (drained)
    Top it all off with shredded cheese and pop it back in the oven long enough to melt the cheese.
    My husband eats it just like this, but I like to add some sour cream and guac!

    Hope you like it as much as we do!!

  20. Mm that asparagus looks so fresh and vibrant! I'm really into making salads atm. Try getting a Companys Coming cookbook, those series are good for yum, easy recipes.


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