Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Thoughts and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

First things first. Did you guys read my guest post at Jules' blog??? Cool, you rock...

So lately, I've been feeling very homesy. You know, instead of wanting to spend my money on clothes/shoes/accessories [which I ALWAYS want], I find myself looking at furniture and home decor, and kitchens, and recipes, etc... But as it turns out the honey doesn't like antique-looking furniture [I'm still trying to get over this fact, someone please hug me], he likes modern stuff. Like these super cool stools here. They even have a direct link for modern looking ones. Sigh.

That's basically all that has been on my mind lately. That, and the fact that I really want cobalt blue heels, but enough about me, and onto the giveaway...

One of you lucky readers will have the opportunity to win this fabulous walnut wood coaster set. It features: satin nickel accent and felt-lined bottoms to prevent scratches and scuffs. I really love those "carved" circles on each of them. And it wouldn't hurt to have a place to put them as cute as that one.

The contest will close on Sunday, January 24 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Sadly, this is open only to my US and Canadian readers. But don't worry, there's more to come. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, January 25. Here are the rules:

1. You have to be a follower and leave a comment on this post [if you're new, say hi] - That's your first entry
2. Blog about the giveaway, then leave the link to your post here- Second entry
3. Tweet about the giveaway [@Ambar_G] and come back here and tell me you tweeted it- Third entry
4. Just for fun tell me which of these you like the best - Fourth entry

That's it guys, very simple. Have fun and good luck!!

Kisses, XO


  1. 1. About the furniture thing... HUG!!! How many coasters does the set bring??

    2. http://ozzysreview.blogspot.com/2010/01/ambars-thoughts.html

    3. It has been tweeted your highness...

    4. The Tempo Brazilia 34" looks pretty nice and so does the Grand Rapids Chair. I like stools that have a warm wood feel to them...

  2. I will be blogging about it today! =)

  3. I like this one ...

    And this one...

  4. http://justagirl-carrie1.blogspot.com/

    Blogged about it too! =)

  5. oh yay another giveaway, I'm so in!!!

    xo anastasia b

  6. found you on 20sb and I am now a blog follower. HI!

  7. New follower...HI! Is it weird that I like the barstools next to the old wooden barrel?

  8. oh I go through periods of that too, since my apartment all i think about is homey thigns lol...and I love the giveaway, I am a follower of course!!

  9. I want a coast set - that sounds great to me! Great giveaway doll! XO!

  10. I like this one!



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