Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm not liking the weather here in Long Beach!!! And not only the weather is crazy cold, but they have also closed all the lanes that I use. So now I have to use my GPS to get to work... me does not like this. Also, I HAVE A RUNNY NOSE thankyouverymuch. I give to you, rain...

I wished I looked like this, or at least I demand one of those umbrellas.

Have you ever kissed in the rain?? Like when it's pouring? I have! Amazing, just amazing.

Well, there you go loveys, happy pictures about something that def DOES not make me happy. That is so un-me. JA! I've been saying that a lot today. Anywhoz, I find it interesting that I do not own rain boots. You might be wondering why, since it usually doesn't rain in LA. And I wouldn't buy rain boots if I lived here, I mean what's the chance that you're gonna use them maybe 4 days of the year??? Wth.

However, in Puerto Rico, particularly in Mayaguez where I was born and raised NO ONE has rain boots. Just to quote some info I found about the city, it has "heavy rain from May to November" which is code for it rains EVERY.SINGLE.DAY at least once. Now, for the months of December- April it might just rain once every other day, and that is if you're lucky. And there we are walking around on sandals and stuff like that. I know no one wears boots in Puerto Rico cause that'd be ridic, but still...

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  1. aww, I do feel bad for all the people in Cali with that horrible weather going on. Stay safe and be careful I hope it goes away soon. I like rain but only when I can be home lol. I hate driving in it and stuff, it freaks me out..and those umberallas are hella cute!!

  2. Oh yeah to cute umbrellas! I'm in Asia soon - could always pick you up one!

  3. No difference for me since over here we either have rain or crazy sunshine throughout the year!

  4. Oh gosh, same here. It's been raining every single day for this whole week, from the minute I wake up to the time I go to bed it's stillllll raining. Somebody send me some sunshine. =)

  5. Yeah those umbrellas are pretty dope! I never kissed in the rain before lol it does look romantic and stuff...sigh* :)

  6. Those are the umbrellas I'm having a giveaway for right now, how funny :)

  7. Those are such cute umbrellas and I'd like to be that girl in the last photo, thank you :) Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Oh my goodness it has been raining buckets, so glad it got better today! Go you for showing the bloggers how to do a 3 column template, I liked how it was laid out. I will be coming to you when I finally get some free time to explain a button. Love ya!


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