Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day Movie

Have you seen the cast? It's just like He's Just Not That Into You on steroids. I bet that 90% of the budget of the movie was just to pay the actors, I mean common people!!!! Really?

There's only 14 of them in here.

The cast:

1. Jessica Alba
2. Kathy Bates
3. Jessica Biel
4. Bradley Cooper
5. Eric Dane
6. Patrick Dempsey
7. Hector Elizondo
8. Jamie Foxx
9. Jennifer Garner
10. Topher Grace
11. Anne Hathaway
12. Ashton Kutcher
13. Queen Latifah
14. Taylor Lautner
15. George Lopez
16. Shirley McLaine
17. Emma Roberts
18. Julia Roberts
19. Taylor Swift
20. Carter Jenkins

Unless the movie lasts for 10 hours, everybody gets 2 minutes on the screen. Anywhoz, I always thought that the movie's lead actors were the Taylors, because they got a lot of press while filming it and I really hadn't heard of EVERYBODY else that's on the movie until the other day. It looks pseudo interesting, and I will go see it. But I wonder how are they going to intertwine everybody's characters to form 1 sole movie. What do you think about that?

PS: I just added some buttons last night to the blog. If I forgot you, or you wished to be added (or removed), please let me know.


  1. i actually want to see this movie because of the cast. i figure it has to be somewhat decent to get so many people to agree to being in it...

  2. can so many of them work together? i dunno... i'd like to see it though, for the fun of it

    btw... nena bien adicta a los blogs jajaja anywayssss t kiere tu gusi-sis!

  3. I can't figure out if this movie is just another "He's Just Not that into You" or what...

  4. this movie does have a lot of actors lol. I finally made my button!! THank you so much for all your help :)

  5. Wow thanks for letting me know about this! I think it's been 50 years since I last saw Topher Grace!

  6. Ha ha ha, this does look like a good movie but you made a good point - it should be interesting how much screen time these people get!

  7. Poor man's Love Actually? Ah ha ha

  8. i can't get passed jessica alba's fugly hair. it's so brassy! and i too compared this to he's just not that into you part 2.

    having said that, i'll totally go see it.

  9. I thought the same thing when I saw the number of stars in this movie!

  10. I know!!!! it's too MUCH people on it.. anywhooo I wanna see it.. most of them are hot, I mean good actors :)


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