Monday, January 18, 2010

Ambar's Thoughts Covers The Golden Globes

The 67th annual Golden Globes that is. And no I was not there. When I say cover I mean look at the pictures and criticize. I'm tired, so let's just talk about the best dressed people of the night and leave the WORST.OMG.How.could.they dressed people for another post.

Now, everybody knows I DO NOT WATCH TV. Except, obviously for events like this one. [And the VS fashion show, DUH!] Now, in no particular order here are my favorite dresses.

Jane Krakowski in this purple piece by J. Mendel. I loved it. Loved the color, the style, the elegance. The one shoulder. This was all perfect for me.

Julie Bowen. Maybe I'm drawn to black, but this lovely piece by Georges Hobeika stole my heart. I loved how she wore her hair up and added statement earrings. I think it was the perfect compliment to the bare shoulders.

Kate Hudson in Marchesa. I love the dress, love the color, love her simple, light makeup, love her nail color, love the earrings, but most definitely, HATE the shoes. I think she looked fantastic, like always, but OMG closed pumps??? REALLY?

Cameron Diaz in Alexander McQueen. Hi Cameron, can you be my best friend? Ok thanks. Adorable. She paired her gorgeous, red gown with equally gorgeous, red lips. Her hair was up, which was very convenient weather wise, but also looked great.

Jennifer Westfeldt in a very classy, strapless, black and white gown. Ok, is it me or does everybody wanna get married in that dress? No? Just me? Ok, no problem. Yes, I loved it THAT much. I think it is the perfect mix between appealing and delicate.

Lisa Edelstein. Simple yet elegant, which made her a best dressed in my list. I would have done something different with the hair, but then again it WAS raining cats and dogs here.

Chloe Sevigny in Valentino. This dressed had me confused for a sec there. It looked OK, until I saw her move in it.The way it flows and moves along with you. I fell in love. I still don't love the color, but the style won me over.

I think that's gonna be it for now. I have some few dresses that I'm still not sure if they're good or bad, they're just in the meh pile. So, did you like these styles? Which one was your favorite? I can't wait to post about the worst dressed.

All pictures and information from here.

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  1. great reviews; i loved chloe's dress as well!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  2. Kate Hudson stands out a mile she looks amazing. Im really annoyed Chloe whats her face is squeezing her way in to all of this i know she won an award,but she is by far one of the most over hyped people on the planet.

  3. We're of like minds today lady. Right down to me posting about Kate's shoes. Ah ha ha

  4. Haha I love these dresses, but what bothers me about the last picture is the way that woman is posing... she looks sort of constipated and not that fun to be around...

    ..other than that, I like everything! (Except Kate Hudson's shoes, of course.)

  5. Great reviews. Kate Hudson is one of my faves, she's just so stinkin cute and always rocks the barely there boobies:-) Which is great!!! And Chloe needs to learn how to smile! Ha ha those are my thoughts. Great comments!!!

  6. I'm glad you like Kate Hudson's dress, too! I was reading everyone hated it! Although, those pumps do have to!

  7. I missed the show but I thank you for keeping me up to date with what was worn lol. I love kate hudsons dress!

  8. girl, Cameron can do no wrong in my eyes!
    I keep hearing bad things about Kate Hudson but I'm with you, I think she looks gorgeous. (except maybe those shoes, the platform makes me think of spice girls for some reason haha)

  9. I LOVED Kate Hudsons dress too!!

  10. i missed the golden globes this year. i never know when it's on...i was probably distracted by reruns of jersey shore. ha!

    i love chloe's dress out of them all. it's quite tame for her. her style is outrageous which i love.

  11. I too missed the show this year, but it looks like their was a lot of fashion and glamour as always! Great review girl!

  12. i'm sorry, but platform closed toe pumps & all, kate Hudson can do NO wrong ('cept maybe dating that YANKEE - yes, i'm a bosox fan)...
    Lisa Edelstein is GORGEOUS in this, the colour of the dress is GORG with her hair! omg, all of it, together, might be my fav, even though i'm semi-anti dresses like this, they look too much like a Prom gown, but she is OWNING it!


    ps: thanks for catching me up, i totes missed the GGs & i can't believe it.


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