Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ambar's Thoughts Covers The Golden Globes part 1.5

A few days have passed. I've slept on it, and I still have no clue if I like these dresses or not. So I bring to you the meh pile...

Zoe Saldana in a Louis Vuitton dress. I like her, and I think the dress is ok from the waist up. But it has waaay too much going on in the bottom.

Olivia Wilde wearing Gucci. I actually like this dress, a lot. I just don't love it.

Fergie with an extremely boring Elie Saab gown. I don't like that color on her. Second, it's too plain, too boring, too BLAH! And her hair and makeup are amazing...for a day on the beach, or maybe even shopping. It's not a bad look, and it's not a bad dress, it was just on the wrong person on the wrong day.

Jennifer Aniston aka the MOTHER of all things boring on this planet wearing a Valentino dress. Dear Jen, I have nothing against you, really. I laugh at your movies, and Friends will always be one of my fave TV shows EVER!!! But Jesus girl, stop being so boring!!!! Oh and I think you're a bit TOO old for that slit on your dress. It's a bit inappropriate despite the fact that you DO have the body to pull it off.

Sigourney Weaver in an emerald green gown. I love everything about it, specially the color [that was the color of my prom dress]. PERFECTION here, just not Perfection plus Amazingness [lol, those are my fave, FAVE ones on this post.]

I have NO clue who she is, goes by the name of Alicja Bachleda and I LOVE her dress!!!! I think she should've pulled it up a lil' bit, but it's so flattering on her.... sigh

I feel like these awards were ages ago!!! Anywhozers, I'm here pseudo dead [code: for EXTREMELY tired] Boo! Also, what the eff is up with this crazy weather?!?!?! Someone explain now, thanks. I'm working on a bunch of little projects and I'm really excited. I have to contain myself from posting 10+ times a day LOL. I'm off to bed taking some pictures.

How are you guys doing?

Happy middle-of-the-week!! Besos XO

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  1. Hello Zoe!!! That Louis Vuitton dress is it and ship it to me :)-
    And that girl with Colin is gorgeous as is her dress.

  2. I was watching the Golden Globes, and I was getting pretty bored with the whole thing and I caught Olivia Wilde with the corner of my eye while I was walking away. I turned around, sat down, and proceeded to drop my jaw to the floor. She looked like a goddess presenting that award, I couldn't look away. I heard a "damn!" and I looked to my side and my mom and sister were doing EXACTLY the same thing as my, looking in disbelief at the TV. You know you're doing something right when both men and women stop and stare. That dress was breathtaking on her.

  3. I think that Zoe is incredibly beautiful.. But I think that her dress was a bit overwhelming for her body. She's tiny!! I think Sigourney looks fabulous! I do really like the fit & look of Alicja's dress.

  4. ** Edit.

    I think Alicja should have pulled it up! Thats a whole lota boobie!

  5. I agree completely about Alicja Bachleda's dress. I think she looks amazing in it!
    XO Piper

  6. Eeeekkk that color definitely does NOT work on Fergie. What was she thinking!

  7. Don't be dissin' my girl Jen. She can wear that slit with full confidence. Seriously...that bod. Although, I do wish she'd play with color more!

  8. That Zoe Saldana dress was my fave of the night even if it does look a little dishraggity at the bottom. I hadn't seen Fergie until now. That dress is so not something I would ever picture her wearing. Totally boring and an awful color on her.

    And I agree about Nobody-with-Colin-Farrell's dress. It either looks too small or like she's wearing it wrong, but it is pretty. :)

  9. mmMm.. so I completely agree with you and Zoe's dress... looks like LV scrounged up some left over material to finish the bottom.. completely unimpressed!

  10. "Nobody-with-Colin-Farrell" made my day!!!! LOL

  11. i actually REALLY like Zoe Saldana's dress & i think that she was wise to wear it to this venue. It's too elegant for a low key award show like anything on MTV, but it's def not Oscar worthy.
    i think that it's important that they understand their venue.
    Sigourney - awful. sorry, ick.
    Alicja's dress has done the impossible, it has taken the attention AWAY from the god, Colin Farrell (that IS him, right?)



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