Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My 2009...

January: Lakers game for the first time ever.

February: (unplanned) Roadtrip to San Diego.

March: The honey's surprise bday party.
[note to self: stop getting bangs]

April: Trip to Puerto Rico.

May: (quickly planned) roadtrip to Phoenix, AZ

June: Explored the downtown area,
and had some serious fun.

July: Went to the Getty [by myself]. Also,
started the blog. YAY

August: Visited Malibu Beach.
Details here. Also went to this concert.

September: Went to Palos Verdes,
aka Heaven. Remember?

October: Went to see Kooza. Post here.
And went to another concert.

November: Cooked my own Thanksgiving dinner.

December: Went to gameworks [and clearly]
had an awesome time.

Now, that I'm done.. WHEW! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! to everyone, just the fact that you're here means a lot to me [unless you're a creep]. This is a little review of my year. There's some things in here that i haven't blogged about yet, so consider the pics a sneak peek.

PS: I completely stole this idea from the awesome Sierra over at OceanDreams, you can go here and check out her '09.

PPS: We might have a suprise for you. [SO EXCITED]


  1. oh you had a great year! I want to do this picture thing so that at then end of 2010 I can do a little thing like this cause this year it was like? wait what did I do? oh yeah NOTHING! lol! You and your boyfriend look like models all smily and tanned lol!! Vere beautiful!

  2. You have an amazing smile, chica! I couldn't do this kinda post for nuts, my year wasn't that fantastic. Oh well! happy 2010!

  3. I hope that April event happens again soon...

  4. that's so cute! I wish I could do one too but I honestly don't think I can remember what happend each month! lol

    but Happy New YEar girly!

    xo Anastasia B.

  5. you had the best year ever!!
    heres to a fab 2010!!

  6. Hi lovely lady, no prob for the idea but you can take credit too - a lot of the bloggers are having fun posting about their 2009! Looks like yours was great, next time you want to go to the Getty I will totally go with you! Your turkey dinner also looks delicious and glad you got some fun traveling in with your man. Can't wait to get together with you soon! XO!

  7. You are both beautiful, and so is your blog! Looks like 2009 was a good year for you...makes me long for pre-baby days...!

  8. uhhhhh u look like u had an AWESOME year :) :) happy new year!

  9. Looks like you had a really good 2009! The pics are great!

  10. Thankss to everybody for your amazing comments!! They make may day.



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