Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Mr. Barnes, Please Don't Hate Us

As all of you know, I am now a poetry junkie. Yes, I admit it, I go monthly or bi-monthly to open mic poetry readings. I don't go up and read, because, well I don't write poetry, but I enjoy it very much!

Barnes and Noble hosts a poetry reading each month. Well this month we [me and the honey] went, and it was fantastic they had a guest reader, which means he was an actually successful poet, with books and all. He was ah-ma-zing! I really loved getting to "know him" if you know what I mean.

After it ended, I decided I wanted to hang out [like always] and then take some pictures, because I took some really nice pics of the honey last time we were there. We were looking at some books, and I found a really big book of naked models, so I had to sit down and look through the whole thing and as soon as he noticed what I was looking at, he plopped himself into the floor, right besides me. And here comes the witch a nice lady comes out of a little secret-employee door, and tells us that we can't sit there because other people can't see the books. Which is totally understandable, except there wasn't ANYBODY ELSE in that whole naked models artsy area. We just smiled and finished with the book.

We then proceeded to take the pics, so that we could go home. We took some pics, I hate most of them, but the point is that the same bitch nice lady comes out of NOWHERE and then proceeds to tell the honey that he can't take pictures inside of Barnes and Noble because of the copyrights of the books! WTF? WTF? WTF? Just so you know he was taking pictures of ME, and ME only, like walking around and stuff, not like he was being a creep just snapping pictures of bookshelves.

Ok, so maybe I was holding books and stuff, but whatever!!!

Leopard top and gray sweater from NY & Co, Guess jeans and old boots.

PS: I know my hair is just plain bushy, but I don't really care, LOL.


  1. I can't stand librarians, lol. Or people that work around bookstores. They seem to have an issue with life in general. :P

    Cute outfit btw! :)

  2. I used to take pictures of the ISBN numbers and covers for myself, not to post them anywhere. I got the same attitude.

  3. @Archana, "an issue with life in general" ... I think you hit it just right! That's defz what they have!!

    @Nashe^, OMG thanks!!! =)

    p.s. That is sooo weird that ISBN photo stuff, the world gets stranger by the minute!!!


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