Monday, September 21, 2009

Think This: Studs

I've been wanting some studded items lately and I even saw a few at the flea market, but they were ridiculously priced too expensive! So, I turned to asos, as usual, to see what they had up there. I'm so NOT supposed to even be thinking about shopping. Since, as for today, I'm officially unemployed, but this babies here are screaming my name! They want to be rescued, they need a home, and what better place than my recently-organized-now-half-empty-closet.

That vest at the end, is my favorite!!! I could use it so much! Specially now, that I'm obsessed with all things oversized and big/flowy, and studded! I wouldn't mind being the owner of that dress either.GAH.


  1. I absolutely love studs on clothing/shoes/jewelry, ANYTHING. I really like the leather jacket and the vest dress.

  2. That last cardigan is absolute love! OMG OMG I need it too. LOL.

    Oh, I just bought studded shoes! *teehee*

  3. i love studs too! if im not careful, i might become obsessed with it too! :P

    im so glad you liked my postcard! :) hope you drop by my blog again!

  4. I LOVE asos ive been shopping there for years and everything is of great quality.
    Those are some gorgeous items and im loving studs at the moment too.
    Definately check out their clearance section,some great bargains.

  5. @cool as folk, me too!! I'm so obsessed lately.

    @Nashe^, AGHHH I want studded shoes >.< LOL I really want to buy the cardigan... oh Lord.

    @Lynn, of course.. I'm all subscribed and everything. And be careful with the obsession, I believe it might seriously hurt your wallet!!

    @TheStrawberryFields, WOW! I think that you just convinced me of shopping there. The only reason I have always been hesitant is because of the shipping. I mean it must cost as much as the clothes. LOL

    @Sarah, I totally see you wearing that ;)


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