Thursday, September 24, 2009

What I would wear...

I rarely use my own sets on my blog, but whatever I'm the boss. So here are a few sets, that I didn't particularly made for this, but I think they're great for it. Ok, I'm not making any sense. This post is about what I would LOVE to wear this Fall season. I'm still dying to get a blazer, and I think I will, you know if I ever get hired again and I also need boots. As in more than one pair. So please, dear somebody, anybody, HIRE ME. Ok, back to the clothes. Enjoy.

PS: I still want something floral.


  1. i like the color combination of the last oufit.

  2. ooooh, love the 2nd set...totally loving the long blazer thrown on top of the girly dress. So incredibly chic.

  3. Gah, I LOVE the floral top + blazer. All these clothes are definitely up fashion alleyway. It really makes me want to go shopping!! All I need is a stable job to support it haha.

  4. Those grey lace up boots are so yummy!

  5. OMG! Ambar I luv all of these FABULOUS outfits! YOU are one heck of a STYLIST, I'm JEALOUS!
    My fave is the second one, I agree with Kristen, the soles are DELICIOUSLY FABULOUS!!!:)

  6. love the first outfit! great heels!

  7. Yes, I loved your blog!!! Thanks for the comment ^^

  8. @Jess, Awww thanks, I think I just got all my favorite colors on the same set :)

    @TheBeautyFile, ME TOOO!!!! like I want a similar outfit ASAP

    @Xanthe, don't we all?? LOL I'm still also hooked with florals.

    @Archana, thanks girl ;)

    @Kristin, I believe that yummy is the PERFECT word to describe them. I'll keep that in mind

    @Gerri, Awww thanks Gerri, you're always sooooo sweet. I really wish I could buy that stuff, LOL


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