Monday, September 14, 2009

Shopping Friday

Fridays = Paychecks = Shopping.

Now that we covered our fundamental math principles. I will go ahead [I love this phrase] and tell you that yes. I've been shopping. When I'm not supposed to, because well I am almost job-less, as in my last day is on Tuesday, thank you very much! I've been to a few interviews [which I hate] but haven't heard anything back yet, at least not from the ones I want to hear back from. But this post is not about my life so... back to shopping.

I actually went to the mall to shop for my parents birthdays, yes parents, since my dad decided to be ONLY 3 DAYS OLDER THAN MOM. First stop, Victoria's Secret, because my mom wanted splashes [is this a word?] and there aren't any Victoria's Secret stores in Puerto Rico. Fail. Still everyone manages to wear the clothes/bathing suits/beauty products, we're good. Anywhozers, I found a coupon on my mailbox right before heading there so I had free undies, YES! I got her usual, pear glaze, secret crush, and since they're now 3 for $14, I decided to try a few and BOOM! Love Spell. Did anyone knew that it actually smelled like a love spell? WOW amazingness, I'm so jealous of my mom [I'm still trying to convince myself to send it to her].

Turns out that the offer on the coupon starts on Tuesday, so I'm just going to go back and get my 3 splashes, plus cotton undies [my fave ones] for $10 HOW JEALOUS ARE YOU?

Next stop F21, because, well you know, you have to. I was actually JUST looking for this top I completely stole form my friend's Sarah's blog, Pandora's Box, but it turns out that they only have it online. Which means, I'm buying it the second I finish this post going to consider it.


I ended up getting a super cute long as hell, and extremely big for me navy top for $5 and a nice pair of black/lace earrings for $3.80.

After that, I just went in and out of basically ALL stores. I bought my mom some really cute things at the Hello Kitty store, and right when I was about to give up and return home [PS: my mom had to get back at me with my dad's request, so that's why I wasn't shopping for the fella], I went in a store called Ponme, it's a messy store, and has way too much merchandise on display and you can't barely find anything and it is always full of people because everything is actually very cheap. I was on a mission [for nothing in particular obviously] and found a super cute top, in gray, one of my fave colors with a nice opening in the back and a matching cardigan [each for $15]. I'm really into the bohemian/funky look lately so I bought everything in Medium or Large, and I'm like X-Small. I already wore the cardigan, so expect the pics really soon! The top I haven't worn just yet because I haven't found a perfect match for it, but I'm on it.

My last stop was at Icing, I just went in there to see if they had cute jewelry holders like the one I bought last time [I have to post pics, I know, I know]. But they didn't have anything like what I had in mind. So, I got navy blue tights, because well, I'm a tight whore and I had been looking for navy blue since forever and hadn't found them yet. They only cost me $8.


Those are my shopping bags, they're not as many, which really makes me proud!

PS: I love how the big F21 bag says John 3:16 at the end. That's my favorite Bible verse, and yes I know it by heart.


  1. First I want to WISH both of your PARENTS a WONDERFUL and FABULOUS Birthday! Without a doubt I know they're solely PROUD of YOU, and why not, YOU're GORGEOUS and FABULOUS!!!
    p.s. OMG! I'm sooo JEALOUS of your COUPON, I WANT ONE!!!!!:)
    LUV ya!*

  2. Gerri, you're the cutest, cutest, CUTEST!!! EVERRRRRR. And that coupon..OMG!!! It so came out of nowhere, I had never gotten one before, and I don't have their angel card or anything. It was probably because last time I shopped there, I ordered like 15 panties online, maybe more jajaja. KISSES XOXOXOXOXOXO

  3. I did a quick Google:
    John 3:16
    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."
    intereting quote t put on a pastic bag!
    Im soooexcited cuz they FINALLY opened a F21 near me... well close enough!

  4. Great finds sweetie, loving that so blogging this tee, what a great find! I hope your dad had a great birthday and how fun that you went shopping after you got a paycheck! I hope you find a job soon, I am sure that you will. :)

  5. @betty, me too!!! I want to wear it already..agh!!!

    @Katie, it is such a beautiful verse, I guess it always stayed in my heart. And having an F21 close is a must nowadays

    @OD, thanks sweetie, I hear back from a really nice job on I'm crossing my fingers :D Thank you always for your comments!!! XO


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