Monday, September 28, 2009

What am I wearing?

First of all, I want to take this moment to thank EVERYBODY that comments on my blog, I love you all, you have no idea how happy I feel when I read your comments. I promise to get back to all of you ASAP!! Thanks again, and kisses XOXO

Now, to the post. I was home all day on Friday cause the honey took the car to work [I usually drive him] so I was basically stuck at home. When he returned, he asked me if I wanted some pumpkin spice latte.. DUH! We went to Starbucks and then to Barnes & Noble. Agh I love the place. I already saw a few books that I want to read for my goal, but more on that later.

I love that dress so much, it was a gift from my mom for my 20th birthday. And it's the 2nd time I've worn it. SHAME ON ME. But the thing is, that it keeps slipping off my shoulder and then my boobs are exposed. WTH! I need to have it altered. Anywhozers it is from a boutique in Puerto Rico called Lulu. The gray cardigan we are all too familiar with already [from Ponme, $15]. My old boots, that speaking of, are so and SO slouchy they just make my legs look like elastigirl or something. The gray bangles are from Target and the clear ones are from ALDO [old!]. And of course no look is complete without my signature messy hair.

PS: I went somewhere GREAT with the honey during the weekend. I'll be telling you all about it soon. Love you, XO


  1. Adore it! And I love me some messy hair!

  2. A PSL and a Barnes and Nobles run is one of my favorite ways to while away a couple hours. Love the dress!

  3. you look very pretty!! :) i love the slouchiness of the boots

  4. Dress = fabulous! I love it, and I want it. :P

  5. What a nice gift! You look good on it! And your blog has a charm of freedom.. keep it on!

  6. The dress is so pretty! And you look fantastic in those slouchy boots!

    BTW, I linked up to your blog in a recent post. Thanks for participating in my postcards project!! xx

  7. @Elizabeth Marie, LOL thank you SOOO much, but trust me if I had your hair, it would nevurrrr be messy =)

    @Kristin, that combo is definitely perfection!!! and thanks a lot sweetie pie ;)

    @Lynn, thank you sooo much! It took a few years to get them like that LOL

    @Archana, jajaja thanks, I'll keep that in mind :D

    @M Riyadh Sharif, awww thank you soo much =)

    @Dream Sequins, thank you so much girly. I'll go check that post right now :). Your project was AWESOME and you know that if you do it again, I'm there!!!

    @NB, thank you so much darling, I hope you're great


  8. Wow, that dress is hot! Absolutely love it! (maybe by next summer, after I lose the pregnancy weight, I'll be able to wear something like that)

  9. You look so pretty in that dress, I love it with the slouchy boots, I would have never thought to make that combination. Duh. xoxo!

  10. i love love love nautical looking dresses. this one is right on :) :) :)
    first time to ur blog and i love it!

  11. your dress is fantastic! and the boots!! OMG! FANTASTIC! ...and messy hair? PERFECTION!! BRAVO! :)

  12. Very cute dress! Looks comfy and stylish :)

    I love spending time at Barnes and Noble too, especially during this time of the year when there are pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks!

  13. your signature messy hair is the best! wish i could pull it off so well. and that dress is the bomb. make sure to wear it a couple more times ;)

  14. @Penelope, you would look lovely with a dress like that complete with an adorable baby in hands.

    @Brown Girl, awwww thanks!!! and now you know it's doable =)

    @Layne, thank you so much, for visiting and for commenting. Welcome =D

    @Iva, thank you so much darling ;)

    @Arianna, oh yes, it was beyond comfy. So perfect. And this is the 1st season that I've tried the pumpkin spice latte, no wonder why everybody loves it. It is just ah-ma-ZING! BTW I got your e-mail. I'll get back at you ASAP.

    @bananas, thank you so much!!! I love leaving my hair like that cause it saves it from a LOT of damage. Thank you so muuuuch for your comment. I will sure wear this again =)

    Kisses ya'll

  15. Totally jelly of the cute outfit! One day I will be 5 sizes smaller to wear cute stuff like that! Love the dress and boot combo. =)

  16. I like your boots, I just got a pair like that tonight, so cute! You look darling and I like your signature messy hair, glad you have a fun outfit to show us!

  17. You have a wonderful blog! the dress and boots are perfect!

  18. I love this outfit! You have beautiful long hair!!
    Constance x

  19. @OceanDreams, you're the best girl!!! Thank you so much. And YAY! you got new boots, I want sooooo many pairs right now. LOL

    @Hanby, hey girl thank you sooo much

    @Constance, WOW! thanksssss I really wish it was longer though, but thanksssss I hadn't heard that in FOREVERRRR


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