Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Images



Isn't that last one funny? Anywhozers, I got the job. YAY!!!! So, maybe I can squeeze some sort of minor shopping today [wish me luck convincing the grumpy honey]. Other good news for you are that I eliminated the captchas thingy when you leave a comment. So basically you just write the comment and done! I did this because I personally hate the damn captchas myself! Have a great weekend people. Kisses.


  1. I didnt know they were called captchas. i hate them too. and congrats on the job!!!!

  2. congrats on the new job!! good luck convincing the honey... [me mata el seudonimo cada vez q lo leo!] LOL

  3. The first pic is gonna get me so depressed about eating 5 slices of pizza yesterday. =3

  4. congrats on getting a job!!!!!!!!!!!! and have fun shopping!

  5. congratsssssss :D

    p.s. and thanks for following

    have a lovely sunday

  6. Woohoo on the job, so happy for you!
    haha...I dislike that captchas thingie as well!
    Have a delicious weekend!

  7. YAY! congrats on the job. it was def the outfit ;)

  8. Yaaaaaaaay! Congrats sweetie, good work paid off! Thanks always for your kind comments. Hope your weekend went well!

  9. Oooh yayy, congratulations lady! :) <3

  10. love the swimsuit pic! Hope you had a good weekend!

  11. lol i mean its never under 80 recently.. i can't WAIT for it to cool off just a bit. and PS im jealous you live by the beach!! waahhh

  12. PS, I love the Karl Who shirt... I saw a pic of Karl wearing a bag that said the same thing.. too funny!

  13. Congrats on getting the job!!! Great the 1st one...sooo stylish even in the water :)-

  14. HOORAY! I'm sooo HAPPY YOU got the JOB ! ! !
    p.s. #1 is AMAZINGLY FAB!!!:)

  15. @CA, waghh yea HATE. and thanks!!! =)

    @Miled LOL thanks!!

    @Nashe^ do NOT worry about that, I can make that girl look fat, and I eat the whole thing by myself ;)

    @NB, thank you SOOOOOOO much :)

    @Manju, thank you tons! <3

    @LENORENEVERMORE, thanks a lot!!! =)

    @bananas, yes, LOL!! and thanks ;)

    @OceanDreams, thank you soooo much, and you know you're always welcome :)

    @Archana, thanks =D

    @Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY!, thank you so much. And I also love that frikin pic. LOVE.

    @Sarah, jajaja I know! it's hot as hell in LA. I drive down there >.<

    JAJAJA, I want that shirt. And that pic is too funny. LOL

    @Aubrey, thank you sweetie.

    @Gerri, thank you soooo mcuh!!! KISSES



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