Friday, September 25, 2009

What am I wearing?


[MORE sexy dancing for the honey]
[I just noticed my naked neighbor,
as you can tell it was not a good sight]

Ok, first of all, since I don't have a job, I now have to dress like this to go to... WAL MART! I know, trendy as hell! But, I did have to go pick up the honey and well, who doesn't love a girl that looks hot as hell and also a lot younger to go pick him up at the corporate office [buahahaha had to throw in the younger, sorry!]. Anywhozers, I know I promised you a "finds" post from the fleas, and it is STILL coming, but in the meantime, some of those marvelous finds are the headband and two of the necklaces.

Top from wet seal, 99 cents. Guess jeans, Aldo flats, leopard bra [wish I abs love and it is my favorite no matter what!!!!] ambrielle [from JCP]. The pearl necklace is from Francesca's Collection and so is the red ring. The other two necklaces I got at the flea market. They are very long chains with little strings of leather, $4 each. And my superb headband $1.. YAY. I love it. I feel awesome with it.

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I got featured in the Polyvore blog, YAY. Go check it out. Thanks.


  1. Every time I do my hair like that, it looks really bad. But i like how it looks on other people.

  2. such a cute headband! Have a great weekend!

  3. Eww you have an ugly naked guy across your apartment, gross. :x

    Whatever to him though, you look cute! <3

  4. You are too cute! Looks like you had fun dancing the night away, good for you! :) Cute outfit and I just love Wet Seal. Gosh 99 cents is a great deal!

  5. @CA, lol that happens to me too, jajajaja

    @Iva, awww thanks darling ;)

    @Clelia, thanks!!! :D

    @Archana, yessss.. CREEP! jajaja thanks hun

    @OceanDreams, I knowwww that was an amazing find, and thank you always for your sweet comments =)

    @Adorably Distracted, mil thanks!!! :)


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