Thursday, September 17, 2009

What am I wearing?

If any of you follow me on twitter, you'd know that yesterday, after I left work, my only plans were to go grocery shopping. That is, until I picked up the honey from work, and he mumbled something about happy hour. Which meant, I needed to get ready ASAP.. and here are the results....

First of all, my bones are CREEPING me out. Second, remember to always ignore the mess. Always. Third, that is the super cute top that I got last Friday while shopping. We went to Mai Tai Bar again [remember our first time there?].

This is what made us go back.

Check out my shoes, OMG I still love them, just like the 1st time, but meeeeeeen they hurt. TRUST me, whoever made them did not intend for women to actually walk with them.

I tried fixing this pic, but as you can see, I suck at it.
I look damn creepy.


  1. I love that top,fierce shoes you look lovely.

  2. Love the shirt and shoes! The low back is gorgeous.

  3. Cute shoes! And who takes your pictures for you? Your boy? :)

  4. hey, if those shoes hurt your feet you can always give them to me! I'll email you my addy! hahah

  5. @Ariana Bell: thank you!

    @TheStrawberryFields: thank you, you're so sweet :)

    @Children of the 90's: me too!!! and thanks ;)

    @Archana: yes definitely! I force him to take pictures of me for no pay, well... jajaja You can go to my firsts W.A.I.W. posts and see that I took my own pics, and they're all in my mirror and they were all very crappy also!

    @CA: YAY!!! you left me a comment, thank you so much

    @Steven: thanks!! =)

    @NB: woohooo, LOL thanks darling :)

    @Anastasia B: jajajajajaja sure sureeeee :D


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