Thursday, September 17, 2009

Introducing - MODELO

Remember the poll I had running on my blog titled "Would you like to know more about male models?" Well, 22 of you voted [thank you very much!!] and I got 50% Yes and 50% No.

Which means, some of you could care less about male models, and some of you do. GRRRREAT! What I'm going to do is write a post on them once a month. Why? Well, cause truth be told, I would have voted No if allowed to vote, LOL. BUT I do want to learn about models, and that includes fellas. So here's my brand new section MODELO.

And for the very first time on Ambar's Thoughts, *drum roll* ... our first male model.

Ben Hill

I really couldn't find any info on him, except a few pictures and that he was born in Georgia, USA!


Enjoy! And please tell me what you think. *Wink Wink*


  1. Oh, I'm excited! I love Tyson Beckford & Anderson Noel (Yum!!)

    xo Anastasia B.

  2. Oh yea!!! I made sure he looked manly and not prettier than any girl nextdoor..hehe

    @Anastasia: TYSON-> OMGGG


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