Thursday, September 10, 2009

Photo Shoot Part I

Due to the fact, that the honey, does NOT blog, over at his blog, Fragman's Corner, [feel free to go and harass him about this issue] I feel obligated to post this pictures myself, specially in honor of NYFW. Not that I have anything to do with that, so let's just say in the name of fashion instead. Yea, better. This pics were taken this day, remember with the eye shadow and all. Aww.

The thing is that he said, he was going to post them in his blog, because well, he had taken the pictures, and I thought, ok, yea, no probz. Except that he hasn't and probably never will [trust me, I know him] so, here they are.

PS: It was freezing. I am so brave, OMG. Anyways, did you go to his blog and annoy the crap out of him so that he'll post the rest of the pics? 

PPS: They're all raw. [For those of you who think I'm nuts, that just means that they are NOT edited in anyway].


  1. lovin it!!! entonces hay q hostigar al honey... queremos mas fotosss!!!! =)

  2. OMG! Ambar these are solely FABULOUS photos! Seriously YOU look like YOU just stepped out of a top FASHION MAGAZINE! Oh I stopped by your HONEY's blog to ask when he was going to post the rest of these FAB PHOTOS!!!:)

  3. @Miled, si si!

    @Sarah and @Antonio THANK YOU!

    @Gerri, You're ah-ma-ZING, thank you so much!!! TONS OF KISSES!!!!!!


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