Friday, September 11, 2009

My Favorite Sets of the Week - #11


See? I told you that every week, there's a hidden theme within my favorite sets. I think I'm gonna start using it as a header. This week the theme is belts [on skirts apparently]. Love the chunky sweater of #1 and also the fact that is brown and black-ish, the shoulder padded blazer of #2 and the colors of #3. And those shoes, OMG! Totally amazing.

I hope everyone's feeling OK today, 9/11. I have been VERY happy since this morning, and I managed to stay that way throughout the whole day, and hopefully my night too.

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  1. I like belt.

    the louboutin boots are stunning.


  2. Oh thanks Hanh, I bet you'd look amazing with them on! Kisses


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