Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Favorite Sets of the Week - #13

I warned everybody that I was studsessed. So here you have all my favorite, studded sets.

Torn by Aleksandra. featuring GAP

I hope everybody had a lovely weekend. Now let's enjoy this week. [Time's really flying.]

PS: I posted this today, contrary to Friday to save you all from being drowned in Polyvore sets, since I did a few posts with them during the week. Also, I know all of you have been commenting on my posts. YAY, I love your comments so much, they always make me HAPPY. Thanks again, I'll be getting back to all of you tomorrow. Promise.


  1. Ummm I'd commit a crime for the studded vest in the second set... loveee

  2. Hey Ambar!

    Love your blog and the studded set #3 is fierce!!

    I had to drop you a note, cause I got your postcard the other day! It was so exciting to get mail:)

    Have a wicked week!

  3. oh great.I love the second one. it is awesome. =)

  4. Balmainnnnnnn!!!!!!! <33
    i love sets 2,3,4

  5. That last set is SO fun! I bought a studded wallet this weekend. I'm in love.

  6. "Happy MONDAY"
    I am sooo HAPPY YOU got the JOB!!!
    I hope YOU had a FAB weekend, mine was BUSY trying to untangle some annoying things in my life!
    Anyway, I LUV the Marilyn Monroe Tee, it's solely a MUST-HAVE and the last outfit is MY FAVE, talk about GLAM FABULOUS!!!!:)

  7. @Sarah, LOL!!! hopefully you won't see anyone wearing it down a dark alley.. jajaja joking!

    @Necole, OMG thank you sooo much!!! I'm happy that you got the postcard =D

    @ChinkyGirLMeL, thanks, it is PURE cuteness :)

    @Manju, I DROOL for Balmain!! jaja and thanks ;)

    @Kristin, aghhhhh I'm sooo obsessed I'll settle for anything studded jajajaja

    @Gerri, you're the BESTEST of the best, thank you so much for all your sweet/kind/lovely comments. I hope everything turned out OK for you.

    @Archana, me too! it's perfect

    @Fri, awww thanks that's so sweet.

    @Xanthe, LOL! and thank you so much!! :)


Hi loveys, thank you so much for commenting on my blog. It always makes me happy! Kisses XO