Tuesday, September 15, 2009

InStyle Nails

Or nails in style, however you want to call them, but these babies got me a LOT of compliments, plus they look soooo coool! And of course I didn't spend a dime [but I do own a lot of nail polish] and it only takes about 3 minutes longer than it would normally do.

I got the idea from InStyle Magazine, September issue, which also happens to be their 15th anniversary issue, and it features Jennifer Lopez on the cover. Go Puerto Rico! It was on their Beauty Trends section and the article is called Power Points. Now, how cool is that?!

That was the page, and the instructions of the magazine say: Step 1: Gather your materials: a deep purple polish, a creamy white polish, five clean pots (or disposable plates), and toothpicks to mix (InSTyle Mag). Now, to this I added an extra nail polish applier brush thingy [do they have a name?]. Because I didn't want to ruin either my purple or white's brushes with the mixture. Also, DO NOT use foam plates, use paper ones. The chemicals of the nail polish on the foam ones causes erosion and it's not pretty. Step 2: Pour out four dime sized blobs of the dark purple, and add small increments of white to each one, creating a gradation of hues. Step 3: Beginning with the original shade on your pinkie, paint each nail a different color (InSTyle Mag).

Remeber my extra brush, I got it from an old nail polish I had lingering around [come on, we all have one...or two] and what I did was, after I mixed them all with toothpicks and watched the erosion of course, I started on my thumb (with the lightest shade), instead of my pinkie, because it really didn't make any sense to start with the darkest color and then with the same exact brush trying to paint with a lighter one.

I used: Sally Hansen - Lacquer Shine in Flair and Sinful Colors Snow Me White.


  1. OMG! Ambar I luv,luv, luv this post! YOUR NAILS look sooo FABULOUSLY GLAM - I'm JEALOUS!!!
    p.s. I'm going to try it too!!!:)

  2. YES!! try it and then put up pictures!!!! hehehehe I wanna do it again with another color to see how it works!! :D


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