Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What am I wearing?


Ok, first of all, IGNORE the mess. Second I know I've been wearing this A LOT, but I washed it, I swear, you can even tell due to the fact that it shrunk! I mean it shrunk like a good 4-5 inches. GAH. Yellow top from Ross, gray top [that's got everybody yawning already] from Ponme, Guess jeans, Cathy Jean flats, belt thrift, or should I say vintage?

PS: I was doing some sexy dance over there!! LOL


  1. I love this outfit. Especially the belt and the yellow shirt. The colours look so good together .

  2. Haha I love that you felt the need to let us know that you washed it. :P I accidentally shrunk a sweater from Jasmine Sola once...argh, though it shrunk to the point where it wasn't wearable. Boo.

    Cute outfit, as always! <3

  3. Claire, thank you sooo much!!! :D

    Archana, yesssss... I hate that!!! But, hello, that's what I get for buying low quality, cheap stuff. But I still love it!! Jajaja. Thank you so much darling!!!!

    Kisses, XO


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